Colombia captures most-wanted drug lord, Otoniel, in bust versus Pablo Escobar’s fall

Colombia captures most-wanted drug lord, Otoniel, in bust versus Pablo Escobar’s fall

The Gulf Clan leader deals with extradition towards the U . S .

Colombia’s most-wanted drug lord, Dairo Antonio Usuga, well regarded by his alias, Otoniel, might seized by armed forces in his jungle hideout and face extradition into US.

Usuga, 50, an old left-wing guerrilla and later a paramilitary fighter, will be the so-called frontrunner regarding the infamous drug-trafficking cluster Clan del Golfo, or Gulf Clan, which dominates significant cocaine-smuggling courses through heavy jungles in the nation’s restive north.

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Colombian chairman Ivan Duque likened Usuga’s arrest Saturday into catch of Pablo Escobar three decades in the past. Escobar, acknowledged “the Godfather,” as soon as seated in addition medication globe with tentacles achieving world wide.

“Otoniel got many feared medicine trafficker worldwide, killer of police, of soldiers, of personal leadership, and employer of children,” Duque said during a broadcast video content. “This blow is much like nov Pablo Escobar from inside the 1990s.”

a police passed away throughout operation, Duque stated, in accordance with Reuters.

Usuga is accused of giving dozens of deliveries of cocaine on usa. He could be in addition implicated of destroying law enforcement officers, recruiting minors and intimately abusing kids, among more crimes, Duque stated. The U.S. federal government have post an incentive of $5 million for help locating your.

“Otoniel’s catch is really vital,” said Daniel Mejia, a Colombian college teacher and specialist on narco-trafficking. “He was the top of the very most powerful narco-trafficking build in Colombia, the Gulf Clan, which keeps site of a diverse a portion of the region.”

Experts were alerting of possible aggressive repercussions and inner power fight as people jostle to bring Usuga’s put. After flying around remote region where Usuga was seized, the united states’s defense minister, Diego Molano, vowed Sunday to continue to dismantle their unlawful community — and hunt down feasible successors as frontrunner from the Gulf Clan.

“There is not any place where criminal activity has got to cover,” Molano published on Twitter.

Duque, in a video content posted Sunday, recognized Jobanis de Jesus Avila, talking about him by his alias, “Chiquito Malo,” among the suspects now in government’s sights because they attempt to defeat the Gulf Clan: “We are arriving individually,” Duque mentioned. He had been the clan’s artillery organizer and Usuga’s right-hand people, according to regional news reports.

Usuga’s arrest was not likely to change the fundamentals of medication trafficking in Colombia, which pros state is far more fragmented today compared to the days whenever Escobar dominated the trade. Escobar transformed cocaine trafficking during the seventies and 1980s, pioneering extensive deliveries very first to the usa, then to Europe.

“This isn’t going to move the needle in terms of the conflict on medications. … what are the results subsequent is different pieces of the puzzle aligning to complete the vacuum cleaner of power remaining by Otoniel,” mentioned Sergio Guzman, manager from the contacting company Colombia danger comparison. “Soon we’ll bring another kingpin and another medication lord which can be a lot even worse.”

Within the prize find, the U.S. agency of International Narcotics and law enforcement officials issues mentioned Usuga’s unlawful system made use of assault and intimidation to control narcotics trafficking paths, cocaine processing laboratories, speedboat deviation guidelines and clandestine getting strips. He created procedures within the proper Gulf of Uraba part in north Colombia, an important medication passageway enclosed by the Pacific sea on one part therefore the Caribbean Sea on the other.

Usuga evaded capture for a long time by move between secure areas when you look at the isolated jungle region. Gen. Jorge Luis Vargas, movie director of Colombia’s nationwide police, mentioned Saturday that Usuga slept in crude ailments, almost never spending some time in houses, and dined on his preferred forest animals. Many years of intelligence work, with the help of the usa and Britain, sooner directed Colombian unique causes soldiers to his forest hideout, Vargas said. Usuga moved around with eight bands of bodyguards.

Usuga’s arrest was an earn for Duque, a conservative whoever law-and-order rhetoric was no fit for soaring creation of cocaine. Duque mentioned Saturday there are extradition instructions against Usuga hence regulators will be able to work to handle those requests while “learning most of the fact concerning the rest of his criminal activities in our nation.” The security minister informed the El Tiempo newspaper he will fundamentally end up being extradited to your usa.